Hampton Inn proposes helping hand to Handley Center

The parking lot shared by the Hampton Inn hotel and the Handley Center in Lead has been a drainage problem for years. A proposed plan to mitigate the issue could leave the center unable to use its east entrance, unless city officials decide to pony up the dough needed to meet the hotel at their level. Pioneer photo by Alex Portal

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LEAD — As restoration efforts continue at the Hampton Inn in Lead, Krishna Management Inc. (KMI), the firm in charge of the hotel, offered a proposal to the Lead City Commission Monday which would mutually benefit them as well as the Handley Center, which shares the back parking lot.

“It’s going slower than expected but everything is going really smoothly,” said Raj Patel, co-owner of KMI. “We’re doing everything to the key that we wanted to, we want everything done properly to make sure that we’re not going into the same situation year after year after year.”

Improper drainage is a recurrent issue that has plagued the hotel property throughout its many ownerships. Patel explained that Rangel Construction Co. would be redirecting water drainage from the rear parking lot, transporting it underground along Miners Avenue, to connect with the city sewer lines underneath Glendale Drive.

“Right now the water is going; one, to the Handley Center; and two, to the people living below (on Railroad Avenue),” he said.

In order to facilitate the new drainage, the hotel’s back parking lot will need to be raised three feet, allowing water to flow towards a drain in the center. Unfortunately, raising the parking would block the east side entrance to the Handley Center.

There are two other access points to the center, one of which does comply with American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications. However, the ramp and stairs located at the building’s eastern side are heavily used, particularly by the Boys and Girls Club. Speaking at the behest of Darla Auld, president of the board of directors for the Handley Center, Patel’s proposed a change order which would include raising that portion of the Handley Center’s side entrance parking area to meet the hotel’s new level.

Patel offered the commission two price points for the proposal – one that would retain the ramp access to the Handley Center’s side entrance, and one that just includes steps.

“(With the ramp) That is running around $107,000, if the ramp isn’t needed, they can cut about $50,000 from the cost of that,” he said.

Patel said Rangel Construction, has offered to include the extra management work to the Handley Center property at no cost, and KMI would pick up the tab for the additional earthwork for the project.

“There’s about $68,000 of earthwork, about $15,000 of that would be what the Handley Center would’ve had to pay,” he said. “However, it is still not the cheapest expense … and that’s why we’re coming to the city to ask that they help with the Handley Center.”

Mayor Ron Everett said the commission couldn’t make that decision until it had time to look over the proposals and discuss the matter with representatives from the Handley Center.

“We’ll bring this up again in our budget sessions, we’ll probably have to talk to the Handley Center a little bit, and I’m sure we’ll have some more communications back with you, Raj,” Everett said.

In order to stay on track with the summer build season, Patel said work on the hotel’s portion of the remodel would need to start by the beginning of August, with or without the Handley Center’s inclusion.

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