From the table into the field

Butte County Commissioners and county staff inspect an ailing bridge on Snoma Road. east of Belle Fourche. Pioneer photo by Lacey Peterson

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BUTTE COUNTY — The Butte County Commission abandoned their office chairs in the commission room in exchange for a field trip Thursday and toured a number of county roads and bridges in an effort to personally examine the good and bad of the structures.

Commissioners Kim Richards, James Ager, Frank Walton, and Karrol Herman, along with a handful of county staff, traveled the prearranged trip that spanned from southwest of Belle Fourche to a dozen miles east of Newell.

The field trip was the brainchild of Herman, who’s been suggesting the commissioners see some of the county residents’ concerns face-to-face since she was appointed to the commission in 2017.

Over seven hours, the commissioners, county staff, and two members of the press traveled to visit recently repaired road surfaces and a number of bridges. Among the bridges visited were the Dorsett Road Bridge, which straddles the Butte and Lawrence county line and in the process of being replaced; an ailing bridge on Snoma Road for which the county was recently awarded state funds to fix; one of the bridges on Orman Road that is closed and needs replacement; and the newly constructed Winkler Road Bridge located west of Newell.

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What's with the headline? The story doesn't mention a table.

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