Explore Fitness and Adventures offers variety of options for wellness

Katrina Hutchison works with small children to teach ballet at her new business, Explore Fitness and Adventures. Pioneer photo by Wendy Pitlick

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LEAD — Fitness is an adventure, and Katrina Hutchison wants to combine the two with her new business — Explore Fitness and Adventure.

Located in the former Sled Haus building in Lead, Explore Fitness and Adventure offers a space for ballet classes for young children, dance classes for adults, a small boutique of exercise equipment, adventure packages for snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and more. Hutchison also leads navigation tours and backpacking excursions.

“I feel like fitness isn’t just about losing weight and working out just to work out,” Hutchison said. “You work out to be healthy and to be able to do all of the activities that you enjoy.”

A big part of Hutchison’s business is personal training. But unlike many trainers who are tied to specific gyms, Hutchison travels to her clients, serving them in their homes, offices, or other gyms. She brings gym equipment with her to give her clients a full spectrum workout. Additionally, she offers online fitness training.

“I have several clients in this area who have enjoyed working outside in a park, and now with winter coming they wanted me to have a building,” Hutchison said. “So all of the equipment that I have in my building right now is mobile equipment that I can grab and go and train people. It’s enough to get all of your workout that you need.”

In addition to workout activities, Hutchison said she is working on obtaining a food license that will allow her to host meal planning workshops. During these workshops she hopes to teach people about how to prepare healthy meals ahead of time. She also hopes to offer breakfast burritos that skiers can take on the go. Hutchison recently obtained a malt beverage and wine license for the business, as she hopes to create a healthy, quiet space for people to relax after a long day, as well as a space where people can enjoy a drink while doing meal preparations.

“I want to have one side of my building open up as a hang out,” Hutchison said. “I’d love to have live music and maybe an open mic night on the patio. If people come to the Hill and are skiing or having some kind of adventure, and they want to have somewhere to hang out afterwards, I can open up my place. It’s really casual.”

Originally from Texas, Hutchison moved to the Black Hills as a soil scientist with the U.S. Forest Service. But her passion has always been in fitness, and she holds several certifications for personal training, including Pain Free Performance certification. She has also attended the Royal Academy of Dance, and is certified to teach ballet and other dance classes. She has competed in powerlifting competitions, and has even finished some Spartan races.

Regular hours at Explore Fitness and Adventures are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, with evening dance classes until 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, Hutchison said since she does travel for personal training, there may be some times when she is not able to have the building open. For more information about Explore Fitness and Adventure, visit explorefitnessandadventures.com, or call (605) 389-3551.

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