Eisenbraun to resign council seat in December

Pictured is Darick Eisenbraun. Courtesy photo

SPEARFISH — Councilman Darick Eisenbraun said he will resign his seat on the Spearfish City Council in December to accept a position as chief executive officer of High Plains Power Inc., in Riverton, Wyo.

Currently, Eisenbraun holds the chief financial officer position at Butte Electric Cooperative.

“Here at Butte (Electric Cooperative), I’m responsible for everything in the financial world as far as the financial side of the cooperative goes. And over there I’ll work directly for the board of directors and oversee the entire management of the entire organization,” he explained.

“I think the towns are very similar. They’re outdoor communities, both are sort of surrounded by mountains (or) hills.”

Originally from Wall, Eisenbraun graduated from Black Hills State University with a degree in business, in 2014.

“I graduated in 2014, but I came to town in 2010, so I’ve been here for about 10 years exactly,” he said.

He was elected to the Spearfish City Council in April 2019, and said the past year has been an honor to serve the people of the city.

“Oh I just thought that the ability to serve the public was a very endearing thought, and I think local government is the most important form of government because it’s the local control that you can lose even at the county and state level, and especially the federal level. So it was the easiest way to make a difference in the community I lived in,” he said. “I tell everybody it’s been a fantastic experience,” he said. “Serving the greater good has been a very rewarding experience.”

Although his time on the council has been brief, Eisenbraun said he’s proud of what it has accomplished for the city, particularly the progress made on the Sky Ridge housing development and the overall quality of life for residents.

“That was, I think, a big accomplishment by the council and the staff over the last year’s timeframe,” he said. “I think that’s the one thing that this council’s done a really good job of, is just improving the quality of life for the average everyday citizens of Spearfish.”

Eisenbraun said he’s looking forward to bringing what he’s learned, both as a councilman and CFO at Butte Electric Cooperation, to Riverton.

“Just improving the quality of life, that’s one of the big things in the utility world; we’re here to serve our members. I’ll look to do the same things over there, just make the quality of life, for everybody, as good as it can be,” he said.

As to whether or not he will seek to continue his involvement in local government in Wyoming, Eisenbraun said it’s not something he’d rule out.

“I’m taking that one step at a time,” he said with a laugh. “It’ll be a pretty big transition when we get in over there, being real committed to the company, High Plains Power. If there’s a need over there and an opportunity to help out locally, I’d sit and look at the opportunity.”

Eisenbraun said he will likely submit his formal resignation from council in October and will step down in December. In the meantime he thanked city officials and the other members of council, as well as residents for making his time with the council a positive experience.  

“I’d like to thank all the people that supported me through the run, all the constituents in Ward 3 and the rest of the council and city staff,” he said. “I think Spearfish is in a great place and have great leadership in place and it’s a prosperous time to live in Spearfish.”

Spearfish City Administrator Mike Harmon said Eisenbraun was an integral part of several projects during his time on the council, and he would be missed by the council and city administration.

As long as Eisenbraun resigns after Oct. 13, Harmon said his seat would be eligible for appointment by the common council. The appointee would serve from the time Eisenbraun steps down until April 2021, when a general election will be held. A special election would not be required, however if the individual wishes to continue on the council, they will need to have their name on the ballot.

“(Appointment) would be achieved through a majority vote of the council,” he explained.

Any resident of Ward 3 of legal age is eligible for appoint, individuals can be nominated by any member of council or the Mayor.

“We wish Darick well in his future endeavors, and invite anyone interested in the seat to reach out to the mayor or council and make them aware of their interests,” Harmon added.

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