Deadwood receives $309K grant for Timm Lane bridge replacement

The Timm Lane bridge near Deadwood Gulch and the city cold storage facility is slated for replacement in 2020, the work moved forward by recent Bridge Improvement Grant money awards. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson

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DEADWOOD — July 1, the Deadwood City Commission approved documents and forms entitling the city to $309,148 in bridge grant funds, allowing officials to move forward with the Timm Lane bridge replacement project that has been in the works since 2014.

Agenda items approved by the commission include granting permission for Mayor David Ruth, Jr. to sign a Department of Transportation funding agreement in the amount of $8,748.70 to be applied to the city’s matched funds for a Bridge Improvement Grant (BIG). 

“This is some leftover funds to the bridges that are in the program, so we got supplemented this amount of money to be applied to the match,” said Planning and Zoning Administrator Bob Nelson, Jr. 

Also approved was a resolution authorizing execution of the BIG agreement.

“This is requirement of the grant,” Nelson said.

Finally, permission to execute the funding agreement with the Department of Transportation for the 2019 BIG in the amount of $300,400 was approved.

“This grant is the dollar amount for the actual construction costs. We also were awarded 80 percent of our engineering for the design and construction administration part of it, so it is actually substantially larger. We do have $100,000 in the budget for this year. We do not have a finalized design, so we are not going to be building the bridge until 2020. We have four years to build it. We need to get the design done. So we’ll be drawing from that $100,000 to get construction drawings done. The DOT is actually performing the geo-technical work, the boring and the soils, so that is also a part of the grant.”

“And this is all in regard to the Timm Lane bridge, correct?” asked Ruth.

“Correct,” Nelson said. “Bridge inspections have determined it is in need of replacement and it is not code compliant.”

“Bob, thank you for making sure you apply for these. I appreciate that,” said Commissioner Sharon Martinisko.

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