Deadwood putting in more parking kiosks

In order to help with high usage levels, Deadwood city officials will install five more parking kiosks in the Broadway Parking Garage to increase efficiencies for Pay by Plate parkers. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson

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DEADWOOD — Gone are the days of scrounging through one’s console to scrape together obligatory change to feed the parking meter in Deadwood.

Transitioned to parking kiosks over the last year or so, Deadwood visitors have given the technologically savvy way to park the green light and Monday, the Deadwood City Commission approved the purchase of five MS1 parking kiosks for the Broadway Parking Ramp in the amount of $36,112.

“These are five more units than we initially had planned on in the parking garage,” said Deadwood Transportation and Facilities Director Tom Kruzel. “The biggest issue for these is a safety issue. Currently, our units, we have four in there, they get overwhelmed. We stack people up around the elevator and within the operating and driving lanes. This will allow us to put two on every floor, except for the fourth floor. It will just have one on the one end and then also two more on the island on the pedestrian exit, so we can draw people over in that direction.”

Kruzel said a secondary reason for the installation of more kiosks is customer service.

“We don’t have people standing up and waiting to pay,” he said. “Sometimes we’ll be stacked up 20 to 25 people to get everything taken care of. The system’s been very successful. It’s working very well.”

Deadwood Planning and Zoning Administrator Jeramy Russell said one of the kiosks will come equipped with a bill accepter.

“We’ve taken a lot of important feedback from the community on what’s working, what’s not working and that is one of the things they wanted to see was for it to take bills,” Russell said. “So as we start incorporating more kiosks throughout town in the next couple of years, you will start seeing bill accepters in those kiosks. Not all of them, but a lot of them.”

Commissioner Gary Todd said he thinks that is an important feature to incorporate.

“You guys are all tech savvy. For us older folks that aren’t, that tech savvy, it’s not that – if I just wanna’ walk in the VFW, say hi, and walk back out, man, to go through all that rigamarole is a pain in the you know what. And I’ve been here, now, quite a little bit. I know there’s no perfect system and you guys work your tail off to try to find it, but I think that’s a good idea.”

Commissioner Michael Johnson said he has had folks ask him about handicap parking.

“If you have a tag hanging in your window or if you have a handicap license plate, there’s no charge to park anyplace,” Johnson said.

Charges still apply at the Broadway Parking Ramp.

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