Deadwood gaming numbers dip slightly in November

Christine Simmons, of Spearfish, contributes to the December slot stats Thursday at the Silverado. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson

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DEADWOOD — Following three successive months of upticks, Deadwood gaming numbers saw a single-digit dip in November. Nevertheless, cumulative numbers continued to climb, exceeding $1 billion thus far this year, according to monthly data released Thursday by the South Dakota Commission on Gaming.

“Although some winter weather in November negatively affected our slot revenue, our table game revenue managed another healthy increase,” said Mike Rodman, executive director of the Deadwood Gaming Association. “We are encouraged that Deadwood continues on track for a positive year of increased revenues.”

Gamers visiting Deadwood in November dropped $77.2 million in machines and on tables, a 3.71 percent decrease compared to November 2017, resulting in roughly $7.1 million in taxable adjusted gross revenues for the industry in November.

Of that, 9 percent, or $639,819, was collected as state tax and distributed to various entities across the state.

Under the handle comparison category, in November, table games had a handle of roughly $5.1 million, up 4.6 percent compared to November 2017 levels. Under this same category, slot machines had a handle of roughly $72.1 million in November, down 4.25 percent compared to November 2017. Thus far this year, table games have had a handle of $64 million, a 1 percent increase compared to 2017 levels, and slot machines have had a handle of roughly $967 million, a one percent increase compared to 2017 levels. Thus far in 2018, the collective handle in Deadwood has been just over $1 billion, a 1 percent increase, year to date.

As stated in the report, approximately 2,838 slot machines accounted for roughly $72.1 million in coin in, with gamers winning around $65.6 million with an estimated average payout of 91 percent, leaving a statistical win of around $6.5 million for the slot category. The two largest contributors were 2,191 penny machines, with $55 million in coin-in, which generated roughly $5.2 million in statistical win and a 91 percent payout to players, followed by 268 dollar machines, with $6 million in coin-in, which generated roughly $403,238 in statistical win, and a 93 percent payout to players.

With 99 tables reporting revenue, table games generated a drop of $5.1 million in November and an estimated statistical win of $1 million, with an average payout to players of 78 percent. The leading revenue generator in this category was black jack, with 41 tables reporting a drop of roughly $2.2 million and a statistical win of $446,643, with an 80 percent payout to players.

Five craps tables in town generated a drop of $285,355, a statistical win of $30,919, and an 89 percent payout to players; eight roulette tables in town generated a drop of $169,527, a statistical win of $41,775, and a 75 percent payout to players.

Rodman said Deadwood gaming operators rewarded players with $1,381,198 in “free-play” for the month of November.

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