Deadwood contracts for water tank maintenance

Deadwood’s two McGovern Hill water tanks will be maintained at a cost of $81,031 over roughly the next decade. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson

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DEADWOOD — Two agenda items, one per McGovern Hills water tank, were approved by the Deadwood City Commission Monday, granting permission to enter into contract with Suez Utility Service Co., Inc. of Atlanta, Ga., for a total of $81,031 in water tank maintenance over nearly the next decade.

“This is the result of that RFP (request for proprosals) we had two contractors submit,” said Planning and Zoning Administrator Bob Nelson, Jr. “This is, by far, way more affordable than the other proposal. We’ll get all our tanks painted, maintained, there’s a bunch of repairs to do on both of them. I believe the price is right.”

First, permission for Mayor David Ruth, Jr. to sign the contract on the 400,000 gallon tank with the following financial commitment was granted: years one and two $2,000; years three through eight $24,770; year nine $10,430, for a total of $37,200.

Commissioner Sharon Martinisko asked if the proposal addressed both internal and external maintenance, and Nelson said that, yes, it did.

“And safety ladders and hatches. It’s a significant upgrade,” he added. “They’ll also be branded with our new logo, in the process.”

Second, permission for Ruth to sign the contract for maintenance of the 500,000-gallon tank with the following financial commitments was granted: year one, $2,000; years two through seven, $28,953; year eight, $12,878, for a total of $43,831.

“Very similar. It’s a year shorter. We start that second year at a higher dollar amount, because it’s going to get painted, we’re going to try to get it done next summer, the exterior of the larger tank,” Nelson said.

For each tank, contract maintenance includes: annual inspection and service of the tanks, including tank and tower; washout inspections; engineering and inspection services needed to maintain and repair the tank and tower during the term of the contract; cleaning and repainting the interior and/or exterior of the tank as needed, the need for interior painting to be determined by the thickness of the existing liner and its protective condition; emergency services when needed to perform all repairs covered under the contract.

The 500,000-gallon tank will receive renovations and repairs prior to the end of contract year two.

The 400,000-gallon tank will receive exterior renovation, interior renovation, and repairs prior to the end of contract year three.

The effective dates of the contracts were Monday, upon signature.

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