County proposes $21.6 million budget for 2020

The lion’s share of the Lawrence County budget, roughly $8 million, goes toward public works; road and bridge maintenance and snow removal, for example.

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DEADWOOD — Lawrence County Commission proposed an approximate budget of $13.8 million for the general fund in 2020, an increase of $526,996 over the 2019 general fund budget amount.

In a separate line item, $7,727,915 was budgeted to public works, an approximate $1.8 million decrease compared to 2019’s road and bridge fund budget, which encompasses $7.2 million in appropriations for the road and bridge fund, $350,000 for snow removal and $140,000 for highway and bridges.

The decrease comes as a large rotating public works equipment purchase made every seven years was budgeted for in 2019.

Together, the general fund and road and bridge fund budgets total $21,576,142.

Revenues to fund the budget will largely come from property and other taxes, with a projected amount of $10.7 million. Other revenue sources include licenses and permits ($203,800), intergovernmental revenue ($1,198,950), charges for goods and services ($977,175), fines and forfeits ($48,700), miscellaneous revenue ($140,000) and other financing sources ($10,000), for a total of approximately $14.6 million in revenues.

Lawrence County Auditor Brenda McGruder explained that codified law specifies the county to set aside 5% of funds, $728,854, which brings the net means of finance, or revenue sources to be used to $13,848,227.

Appropriations were made as follows: general government $5.4 million; public safety $4.3 million; health and welfare $233,792; culture and recreation $514,782; conservation of natural resources $345,645; urban and economic development $257,316; other uses $2.9 million, for a total of $13,848,227 in projected general fund appropriations and an additional $7.7 million in projected public works appropriations.

The $5.4 million in general government appropriations breaks down as follows: county commissioners $310,928; contingency $50,000; elections $50,000; judicial system $147,000; auditor $431,127; treasurer $489,049; information technology $488,832; insurance/bonds $332,800; postage meter $45,000; state’s attorney $571,214; public defender $456,084; court appointed attorney $200,000; general government buildings $739,066; director equalization $636,272; register of deeds $355,838; veterans service officer $55,819; predatory animal $1,300.

The $4.3 million in public safety appropriations break down as follows: dispatching $82,355; sheriff $2,657,221; county jail $1,366,146; coroner $75,703; juvenile detention $100,000; fire protection, $69,100; emergency/disaster, $271,307; 24-7 program, $25,386; and E-911, $986,549.

The $7.7 million in public works and transportation appropriations break down as follows. Highway roads and bridges $100,000; snow removal $465,500; road and bridge fund $7,727,915.

As part of its annual budgeting process, the Lawrence County Commission also accepts requests from non-profits and other outside agencies. For 2020, the commission approved appropriating funding toward 21 requests, for a total of $736,379, a $1,097 decrease compared to 2019. 

The appropriations are as follows. Soil Conservation $20,000; Free dump week $10,000; CASA $15,000; Teen Court $15,000; Fassbender Collection $7,500; Ambulance Spearfish $5,225; Ambulance Lead-Deadwood $5,225; Ambulance Sturgis, $1,150; Drug Abuse Counseling (Compass Point) $10,000; Library $492,282; Prairie Hills Transit $7,500; Good Shepard Clinic, $1,000; Boys and Girls Club, $5,000; Spearfish Economic Development Corp. Membership $250; Deadwood Lead Economic Development Corp., $250; Lawrence County Health Nurse, $54,200; Northern Hills Training Center, $5,000; Behavior Management Systems, $24,097; Senior Citizens Center, $5,000; 4-H, 46,000; State 4-H, $6,700.

The second reading of the 2020 budget appropriation ordinance is slated for the Sept. 24 commission meeting.

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