Butte County approves five-year road plan

BELLE FOURCHE — Butte County’s updated five-year road and bridge plan was approved at Tuesday’s meeting of the county commission. 

Butte County’s five-year road and bridge plan is a short-range planning document developed in 2015 and updated annually based on prioritized needs identified in the county. The plan is used as a tool to assist the county in budgeting and planning incorporating roadway and bridge classifications and inventory, a five-year list of projected revenue for highway and bridge projects based on the projected revenue, and the status of programmed projects from the previous year’s plan. 

According to the plan, the county has the following budgeted amounts for structures listed for 2020 projects:

• $50,000 each for the Replacement of Dorsette Road/Wood Road Bridge and the Helmer Road Bridge 

• $75,000 for the design and permitting for bid-ready plans of the Snoma Road Bridge

• $7,855 each for the preliminary engineering of the Old Highway 85 and Orman Road bridges

• $10,920 for design and permitting of the Orman Road Bridge

• $316,000 for construction of the Orman Road Bridge

• $52,048 for the preservation of Whitewood Valley Road Bridge

The plan also outlines the county’s intentions to apply chip seal to 5.35 miles of road with a $160,500 price tag.

Also listed in the county’s plan is a table displaying the almost $3.79 million in anticipated revenue sources that will aid in funding its 2020 plan.

Of the county’s anticipated revenue sources for 2020, $1.78 million of it are local funds that come from property taxes, motor vehicle licenses, wheel taxes, and STP payout funds; $295,000 of the funding will come from the secondary road fund; $1.67 million are anticipated to come from BIG grant funds that the county plans to apply for in the coming months; and $49,000 will come from federal funds. 

In 2019, the county highway department reports that it pulled 40.25 miles of road shoulders; hauled 8,442 tons of gravel; spent 1,830 hours in snow removal; spent 2,458 hours grading; and installed 80 culverts. 

As for 2020, the county plans to maintain, including puling the roads’ shoulders and graveling as needed, the following roads: three miles of Brooker Road, one mile of Eichler Road, two miles of Kinghorn Road, four miles Old Highway 212, five miles of Old Highway 79, 20 miles of Old Highway 85, two miles of Orman Road, one mile of N. 1 Missile Road, one mile of Riley Road, one mile of Snoma Road, nine miles of Sourdough Road, one mile of Stonelake Road, one mile of Taylor Road, and one mile of Winkler Road.


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