Wharf/Goldcorp donates $60K to Lead entities

Members of the Goldcorp Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund endowment committee and the Historic Homestake Opera House Board gathered at the Roundhouse Restaurant on Thursday to celebrate a donation of $10,100 to the opera house. Pictured are front row, from left: Angelia Dale, Meg Manke, and Deb Rawlins. Back row, from left: Ron Burns, Dave Scherer, Terry Weisenberg, Ron Everett, Sarah Carlson, Cindy Bellet, Tom Nelson, Jacque Fuller, Dan Carsten, and Jay Jacobs.

Pioneer photo by Wendy Pitlick

LEAD — Goldcorp and Wharf Resources celebrated its one-year anniversary of the Goldcorp Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund on Thursday with two major donations, totaling more than $60,000.

The Goldcorp Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund was created in 2012 in an effort to continue to support future generations in Lead long after the Wharf Mine has closed. It is administered through the S.D. Community Foundation, and last year’s $1 million to start the fund was the single largest contribution ever made to the S.D. Community Foundation. The fund for Lead was specifically generated to help support four core areas: community development, education, health, and arts and culture.

On Thursday Ron Everett, Wharf Mine business administration manager and endowment committee member, announced that the company would put another $50,000 into the Goldcorp Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund, bringing the balance for that foundation up to $1,115,000 for Lead-area organizations. Additionally, Everett announced a $10,100 donation to the Historic Homestake Opera House, to support restoration efforts at the facility.

“At Goldcorp we’re well aware that the Lead community enjoys the benefit of jobs and economy that the Wharf Mine generates,” Everett said. “That said, there is some history in the region that has been less positive about mining. That’s why we at Goldcorp are determined to give back to the citizens of Lead. Beyond that we wanted to leave the legacy that continues long after the mine left.”

Everett explained that this is the second time Wharf Resources has put an additional $50,000 into the prosperity fund, and the third time they have made donations to charitable organizations within the community. Wharf hopes to contribute at least $50,000 a year to the fund in order to ensure a lasting legacy and support for Lead long into the future.

“So our goal is to be a very well rounded economic value for the community of Lead-Deadwood and Spearfish,” Everett said. He explained that donations to non-profit organizations are assessed based on the organization’s ability to support a sustainable, post-mine economy.

“The opera house is a historic, beloved building in the Lead community,” Everett said. “Our donation will bring the opera house one step closer to being fully restored and provide economic development for downtown Lead. The fund advisory committee believes that the opera house is the cornerstone for the preservation, renewal and development of Lead.”

Eric Whitcher, a member of the Historic Homestake Opera House board, and who pursued the grant from Goldcorp, said he is happy that Wharf Resources views the opera house as so many in the community do.

“To hear that you believe the opera house is the cornerstone to the revitalization of Lead is really music to our ears because we believe that as well and we want to give that to the city of Lead and be that for the city,” Whitcher said.

Last year Wharf Resources/Goldcorp gave $27,000 in the local community to 11 different organizations. The Goldcorp Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund endowment committee is comprised of Wharf employees and community representatives.

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