Downtown Friday Nights to expand

DD and the Fayrohs perform during last year's Downtown Friday Nights in Spearfish. The event, which showcases a variety of vendors and a wide array of entertainment, takes place every Friday throughout the summer months and this year is expected to be bigger and better than last year. The first event this year will be held June 8 and feature Groove Daddy, and area residents and visitors alike are encouraged to attend. Pioneer photo by Heather Murschel

SPEARFISH — Organizers of Downtown Friday Nights said they expect to attract a lot more people to Spearfish this summer than last year so they've requested additional space.

Scott Temple and Mark Kazmer of the Downtown Business Association appeared before the Spearfish City Council recently to ask to expand the street closure to include one more block and the Hudson Street intersection from the north side of Grant Street to the south side of Illinois Street. Both said there will be a lot more vendors this year compared to last year and they've expanded their children's area, which will feature a bouncy castle every Friday. In addition to those changes, Hills Horizon will feature its farmer's market, which could continue to grow in popularity.

"We need more space ... it's going to be a lot bigger than it was last year and that is something we should all be aware of and plan for it," Temple said.

He also said that depending on the crowds, they may have to move the stage from the south edge of Main Street to Hudson Street.

"We'll know during the first couple of weeks if we'll have to make that change," Temple said.

The first Downtown Friday Nights of the season will be held on June 8 and feature Groove Daddy as the evening's entertainment.

Kazmer said that in addition to the increased number of vendors, more and more downtown businesses will be participating. They'll remain open late and showcase items along the sidewalks.

"When you think about everything we're planning on doing it's going to be very, very tight," Kazmer said. As for the growth, he said that is a positive thing for this area.

As for how many people are expected to attend Downtown Friday Nights, Temple said they are hoping upwards of 2,200 people will attend the events, which run through Aug. 31.


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