Several mining projects proposed at Ragged Top area over the years

Shown here is an enhanced map of the proposed Deadwood Standard Project gold mine to be located near the Spearfish Canyon rim. The yellow Line indicates a 500 foot buffer, the red line indicates proposed 124-acre permit area, light green areas within the red boundary shows surface mining disturbance and the processing area is shown in white. The purple line indicates boundaries for the proposed 122-acre Minerva Project in 1993. Map courtesy Lawrence County, Deadwood Standard Project and Minerva Explorations Inc. Map enhanced by Pioneer staff

LEAD — The Deadwood Standard Project isn't the first mine proposed for the Ragged Top area southwest of Lead near Spearfish Canyon.

Lawrence County Commissioners and Planning and Zoning officials reviewed a mining proposal as recently as 18 years ago in the same location.


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Why not savor the natural beauty of The Black Hills while developing a high tech software industry that doesn't create ENORMOUS risk for our water, Spearfish's natural beauty, and our citizens' quality of life? All that said, if we are going to march forward and rip up the canyon and poison the water, keep the money to repair the maximum potential damage in escrow. Every citizen living in Spearfish should have a stake in the mining operation proportionate to the risk taken. Citizens here are taking the biggest risk, therefore they should reap the largest reward. WE LIVE HERE! In a good deal everybody wins, and let's be honest - when these mines build Super Fund Sites they go bankrupt. That's a losing proposition. That's not a good deal for the locals who, in the meantime, have seen the gold flown to Canada.

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