Pineview building nearly ready for winter

Renovation efforts on Deadwood's historic Pineview building are nearly to the point of enabling crews to safely and securely button up the project before Old Man Winter comes calling. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson

DEADWOOD — With Old Man Winter ready to come knocking at the door of the historic 1902 Pineview building any day now, close to 50 new windows are nearly all installed, the rubber roof's on — complete with a mechanical room that sits atop it — and the Deadwood Historic Preservation Office is pleased with the continued progress it's seen since last spring on the historic structure.

“The building has been stabilized,” said Deadwood Historic Preservation Officer Kevin Kuchenbecker. “That's the most important thing. Exterior work continues to progress. As long as progress is being demonstrated, we're moving in the right direction.”

A metamorphosis is beginning to take shape at the Pineview building work site, an area that was deemed unsafe last spring, with sidewalks in its immediate vicinity closed and concerns that the building would collapse under a heavy snow.

“This building was in peril,” said Deadwood Historic Preservation Officer Kevin Kuchenbecker. “This office is very pleased with the fact that it's being saved. It was built in 1902 and very easily, if it would have been in another community, the building may have been lost or declared a nuisance and demolished. Thankfully, the city of Deadwood and the Historic Preservation Commission are focused on preservation and forced the building to be restored. We have a commitment to the citizens who passed gaming for preservation. We're following that.”

Kuchenbecker said that the project will be buttoned up as best as crews can — by the end of the year.

“I talked with the ownership regarding the store fronts, which will be the last of this portion to be completed and that's about four to six weeks out,” Kuchenbecker said. “Once those are finished, that will complete the exterior envelope, making it weather tight.”

A mechanical room has also been constructed on top of the roof for the elevator controls. Skylights will also soon be installed on the roof. With the windows expected to be installed by week's end, crews will then start on the store fronts.

“They will leave a hole open on the side to the lower level while they're converting the vacant space, future retail space” Kuchenbecker said. “It's more of a convenience while they continue to work on the inside of the building for potential hotel rooms.”

Since the $1.1 million project was started last spring, extensive masonry work has been completed, along with stabilizing and shoring up the building. A new rubber roof has been installed, nearly all of the windows have been replaced and the interior has been rid of debris.

A work schedule provided to the city of Deadwood by Jeffrey Lamont of the Pineview Group, L.L.C., earlier this summer calls for basement dirt work and cleanup to continue, as well as interior framing. The flooring system on each level will be fixed, as well as replacement of roof trusses. Roof drains and other weatherproofing of the roof system will be conducted, as well as replacing and weatherproofing windows.

This past spring, an emergency situation arose regarding the Pineview Building, where reports of falling brick and debris, along with moisture inside the structure combined to produce a potential public safety hazard.

City officials raised concerns that the structure might not remain standing following a heavy spring snowfall.

Consequently, city officials closed Lee street and the owners of the structure, Pineview Group L.L.C. were given a deadline of April 25 to devise a construction plan and begin stabilizing the structure.

The group met the deadline and shored up the building prior to beginning stabilization construction efforts.

Because the project has encountered many stops and starts while under the ownership of the Pineview Group, L.L.C., the city of Deadwood also reserved the right to declare demolition by neglect and proceed with hiring the necessary labor to complete the project. Those labor costs would then be passed along to the Pineview building's owners.

Following a complete switch in engineers and a new sub-contractor over the summer, construction efforts on the project have remained steady.

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