Rec Center window upgrades to cost $141K

DEADWOOD — It’s the old portion of the Deadwood Rec Center that’s in need of window refurbishment, but it’s the not the old windows in need of replacement.

“There’s a saying that goes, ‘They’re not old because they’re old, they’re old because they’re good,’” said Deadwood Historic Preservation Officer Kevin Kuchenbecker regarding the Deadwood Rec Center window upgrade project. “The original windows from 1912 are only being refurbished. With proper maintenance and care they can last longer than the replacements. It’s the 20-year-old replacement windows that are being replaced.”

At Monday’s Deadwood City Commission meeting, commissioners voted to accept the low bid of $141,750 on the project, hiring MAC Construction, with funds coming from the Historic Preservation Capital Assets line item.

“We received six competitive bids from contractors based on the plans and specifications developed by Dave Stafford Architecture. This project involves the repair, refurbishment and refinishing of the original wood windows as well as the replacement of the windows previously replaced,” Kuchenbecker said. “This project meets the Secretary of Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation and will be completed using proper craftsmanship and restoration techniques comprising appropriate epoxy consolidants, sanding, priming and paint repairs. The new wood windows have been specified to be of high quality materials resistant to rot and moisture.”

Bids on the window replacement project ranged as high as $193,000.

In 2010, the Deadwood City Commission and Historic Preservation Commission completed a multi-million dollar rehabilitation and addition to the Deadwood Recreation Center.

“The windows on the original 1912 section of the structure were not properly repaired and failure has begun,” Kuchenbecker said. “The repairs completed in the 2010 rehabilitation were not done in a quality manner and have failed causing additional damage to the windows. Proper repairs are necessary to avoid future replacement and then it is vitally important to establish a preventative maintenance program to allow the windows to get in the current condition.”

He added that the windows’ current condition can be avoided with proper wood preparation which involves epoxy consolidants, sanding, priming and paint repairs.

“The current repairs appear to have used a filler similar to auto bondo which causes moisture to be trapped and expedites deterioration,” Kuchenbecker said.

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