Spearfish votes to reopen businesses

SPEARFISH — At a special session teleconference tonight the Spearfish City Council voted to accept the first reading of a version of Ordinance 1316 which will allow businesses that have been affected by the previous ordinance to reopen their doors.

The new ordinance does require that all businesses comply with Gov. Kristi Noem’s executive order 2020-12, as well as lay out some best practice guidelines for social distancing set by the city. The council’s decision was made after hearing input from Thomas Worsley, president of Monument Health Northern Hills Market; recommendations made by the Small Business Advocacy Committee for proactive measures individual businesses can take to help protect their customers and workers as they reopen their doors to patrons; and public comments. The ordinance is scheduled to have its second reading on April 29 and will be published and enacted April 30. Unless otherwise repealed, it will remain in effect until July 31.

The full story about the council’s special session will appear in the Saturday edition of the Black Hills Pioneer.


(4) comments

The Great One

Kudos to Spearfish for making the right decision and moving forward! Well Done

Mr. Silppyfist

This is a short sighted decision that could have terrible consequences.

The Eye of Providence

And you 'could' be struck by lightening. So please, post your address so we can all send you our monthly bills and remain in your basement.

The Great One

Could not agree with you more!

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