L-D School Board approves $268K in CRF expenditures

The lion’s share of the Lead-Deadwood School District’s Coronavirus Relief Funds will go to technology upgrades for students and staff, in order to bolster the remote learning component, integral during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson

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DEADWOOD — Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) will largely go to upgrading technology to meet the ramped up distance learning demands of students and staff in the Lead-Deadwood School District, as Tuesday, the school board approved nearly $270,000 in CRF expenditures.  

“We are getting about $500 per student and that includes the Job Corps. About $380,000,” said School District Superintendent Dr. Dan Leikvold. “We’ve received our first payment of $347,000 and the other amount will depend on this year’s enrollment, so we’ve still got to figure that out. Our recommendation is that we send $25,000 to the Job Corps to help them with their efforts out there. So far, we have spent a little over $6,500 on various things – masks, sanitizer, things like that.”

Leikvold then turned to a list of technology items proposed and recommended for purchase in the amount of $269,139.

“That is for the refresh of the 1:1 program at the middle school,” Leikvold said. “It also includes 1:1 machines for high school teachers, as well. There are some chrome books in there for the elementary school, as well as new machines for the elementary school staff, and then a few other things, including servers … This would be a total of almost $270,000, which, in the end, would leave us about $75,000.”

District Technology Director Jamie Hohn expanded on the list.

“Essentially, the middle school would get new computers for the students and all the elementary staff, as well, mainly to help the teachers,” Hohn said. “The machines that they have on their interactive boards are older and we just used them because we had them available, but, as far as what they’re doing with the technology, they’re not going so hot. So hopefully this will help with replacing those. Then, some odds and ends, as far as speakers and headphones for the kids.”

The costs break down as follows: middle school student and staff computers, $169,722; high school staff computers, $23,242; elementary school staff computers $32,889; elementary school Chromebooks, $21,508; class microphones for all building teachers, $10,000; headphones, promethean board, $4,320; computers for office staff, $4,985; servers, $1,033.

Leikvold said that virtually all of these expenditures were in the fiscal year 2022 capital outlay budget.

“So that will free up more money out of that budget,” he said.

The district received a total of $380,000 in CRF monies. Expending the aforementioned funds leaves $110,000.

“We’ve spent $6,500 already,” Leikvold said. “Around $6,500 has been budgeted for PPE, cleaning products, and other COVID mitigation resources, as well as $25,000 for the Job Corps. So that leaves us with $75,000.”

The funds need to be expended by the end of 2020.

“This is the corona relief fund,” Leikvold said. “There’s also another pot, if you recall, the CARES Act money, which is kind of the same thing, but we received around $160,000 to start with that and we allocated all of it but $600.”

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