SPEARFISH — An event isn’t a celebration until the fun has arrived, and the Northern Hills Training Center was recognized for consistently bringing that flair to the summertime Downtown Friday Nights during Monday’s city council meeting.

“We have so many people that come down from all different parts of the community, but the one constant, every Friday night, you all come down, and there isn’t a group of people that has more fun than anybody I’ve ever seen, ever,” Scott Temple, an organizer of Downtown Friday Nights, a weekly summer event hosted by the Spearfish Downtown Business Association, said, thanking the representatives present from the Northern Hills Training Center. “You guys were the best … everybody that works on this project, and for the people of the community, you guys help to make this thing what it is.”

Temple presented the group with the 2014 Super Fans of Downtown Friday Nights recognition certificate, as well as a collage of photos from their time on Spearfish Main Street during the Friday evenings of entertainment and fun. The council chambers erupted in applause as the super fans received their award, and the mayor and council members offered their congratulations.

Temple also presented a wrap-up of the event to the city council.

“We had quite a year,” he said. Though the weather conspired against the organizers a little bit during the summer, it didn’t keep the crowds from coming out.

“The crowds overall from last year to this year were up. We averaged better than 4,000 people that came through every night,” he said.  

Every year, the Spearfish Downtown Business Association chooses a volunteer to recognize after the season, and Temple said that this year, he was reminded of a particularly difficult day. He felt frustrated after some dealings with one of the bands, and was sitting in the sound trailer, trying to calm down. When that didn’t help, he walked to the front of the stage.

“I saw everyone from Northern Hills Training Center, and you all were having such a good time,” he said of the next moments. “I could not help but be happy when I looked at that. It was one of the best attitude adjustments I have ever had, so for that, I say thank you very, very much. It turned what was a crummy day into a good one.”

Because of the memory, the Downtown Business Association decided to honor these super fans, to thank them for helping to make the event what it has become.

“Friday Nights – it’s become the thing to do. It really has,” Temple said as he reflected on the summer. “The community has supported it so well. I feel so privileged to be a part of this, but we couldn’t do what we do down there without the support of the people in this room, so I say thank you.”

He added that the organizers are already planning for next year, working on the entertainment schedule.

“And the way that it looks, it will shape up to be an even better year,” Temple said.  

For more information about Downtown Friday Nights, visit downtownspearfish.com/p/downtown-friday-nights.

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